4 Different Types of New Zealand Competitions

Competitions in New Zealand took place in November 2013. Seventy-one teams from different countries participated in the races. Although training for these competitions was difficult, the teams managed to meet for at least three weekends. Technically, rafting competitions comprises of four different disciplines such as the following:

  • Sprint
  • Head-to-Head
  • Slalom
  • Downriver


Sprint is the first competition. It goes for 2 or 3 minutes. This competition happened in the Okere River. The teams that participated in this competition started individually. But they had to compete and reach the finishing line.


Depending on Sprint’s final results, the next competition is head to head. The competition took place in a similar river in New Zealand. Head to head is one of the spectator-friendly and exciting competitions. It involves fights between two rafts as they head towards the finishing line. The competition between Chile and Brazil made the spectators cheer up and scream. A series of different events followed like some teams being stuck on rocks.


This is the 3rd discipline of rafting competitions. The competition involved the class 2 section. It was held in Tarawera River, New Zealand. Participating teams exercised there for a few days before the match. They also came together to discuss and analyze how they can pass each gate. When competitors hit any gate, they get a penalty of five seconds. But if they miss passing through it, the competitors get a penalty of 50 seconds.


This is the last discipline of rafting competition. The downriver competition was held on the Rangitaiki River. Since the level of this river was low in the morning, Masters and Open Women started rafting individually. But eventually, water came up to allow Open Men to start rafting.


Rafting competitions in New Zealand were organized perfectly. It had strong competitors and friendly hosts. Also, the weather did not disappoint! Although there were a few challenges here and there, the event was exciting and solid.