New Zealand Rafting Competitions: Kaitiaki Adventures

In New Zealand, Kaitiaki rafting adventures have become the most popular sport. Many rafting fanatics find this sport as the perfect blend of culture and adrenalin. This adventurous activity is done at the Kaituna River. Apart from rafting sports, people can engage in online casino games. They can also hike on mount Tarawera, and it has fantastic sledging adventures. In this guide, you’ll discover exciting things about New Zealand competitions.

Good Times at Kaitiaki Rafting Adventures

Kaitiaki adventures offer a unique blend of Maori culture and adrenalin. This provides people with experiences of kiwi adventures. From sledging and mountain hiking to rafting, people enjoy the entire adventure.

With a world-class guide, you can go to the Kaituna River for rafting competitions. You can have fun rafting through the canyons. Rafters enjoy the best rafting experience as they compete in rivers surrounded by snake bushes. Guides can help you cruise through these areas safely. You can go to the white-knuckle foam by plunging the Tutea falls, which is 7m deep. Try your luck at the Kaitiaki rafting competition, and you might win many prizes.

It would be great if you could challenge yourself against the highest commercial rafted waterfall in the world. This outdoor rafting adventure takes place for three and a half hours in New Zealand. You can try your rafting skills by participating in all rafting events.

New Zealand Open Women’s Competition

When it comes to sports, women are not left behind. They not only participate in rafting but compete at international events. New Zealand rafting teams include women’s rafting teams. Many teams from various parts of the world come to compete with New Zealand’s women rafting team. They are among the 300 highly-rated rafting teams around the globe. In the year 2019, the women’s team managed to be the champs. They became the best of the best after eight days competition on the famous Tully Rivers.