World Championships: An Overview of Rafting Competitions

The World Rafting Championships originated from Project RAFT. Fifty teams from various countries took part in different disciplines such as Downriver, Head-to-Head, and Slalom. These championships were held in multiple places such as the following:

  • Nantahala River in the USA (1990)
  • Pacuare and Reventazon Rivers in Costa (1991)
  • Chuya River in Siberia (1989)
  • Project RAFT (a collaboration between Americans and Russians)

International Rafting Federation (IRF): The Organising Association

IRF is an official association that organises international rafting sports. This association governs European Rafting Championships (ERC) and World Rafting Championships (WRC). The rafting federation works hand in hand with government bodies and national organisations. They provide competitors with raft guide and certification programs.

Training Guide for IRF

The International Rafting Federation chose to come up with a training guide for rafting. This guide is due to the collaboration of national federations with IRF. Training programs are offered to national instructors so that they can become autonomous. This way, they can achieve particular standards of training. As these partners meet specific goals, an agreement between the two shows a sign of good management and collaboration.

Getting Prepared for the Championships

For rafting teams to qualify for the World Championships, they have to go through international and national tournaments. The very first championship began in 1987. Today, many things have changed, and new events have been introduced. Points obtained in different events are added up to evaluate the winner. Every team comprises of 6 members, while two members sit on the bench.

2019 World Championship

The World Rafting Championship was held in Australia. The championship became a peak for all the participants and a celebration for the national federations. Around 1,000 competitors participated in U19, U23, Masters, and Open competitions.

Final Thoughts

World Rafting Championships unify different countries. So, rafting is a sport that attracts all the continents in the world. Therefore, if you are into rafting sports, then it is high time you give it your best.